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Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a therapeutic massage just for you.
A healthy gift is waiting just for you.


Wellness Package

One session isn't enough for you? Of course not! Your health maintenance plan calls for continuous therapeutic care. Or maybe you are looking to give a healthy gift. (Save $30)
(3) 30-Minute Sessions: $105
(3) 60-Minute Sessions: $195
(3) 90-Minute Sessions: $300


Advantage Package

Specialized techniques to calm pre-operative surgical anxiety and tension and to assist in faster recovery of post-operative surgical rehabilitation. Prior consultation and assessment are highly recommended before surgery and initial session.
(5) 45-Minute Sessions $305 (Save $45)


Fitness Package

A fusion of massage techniques to reduce muscle tension and soreness. Helps align muscle tissue to increase mobility resulting in optimal performance before, during, and after each workout, sports event, or fitness program. (5) 50-Minute Sessions $325 (Save $50)